Rieti: a tasting journey

A journey at the discovery of traditional tastes and genuine recipes enhanced by typical fine products offered by a generous and fertile land. Many are the dishes that you will find in the local restaurants or during the food and wine events that will make you live a unique culinary experience. Pizzicotti, fregnacce, trout are just an example of what is the classic Rieti cooking, a true quality mark of central Italy.

The typical cuisine

Food and wine in the centre of Italy

Original dishes and traditional recipes to be tasted with a good glass of local wine: the typical Rieti cuisine is an experience of taste not to be missed. Genuine seasonings and authentic flavors are the secret of the many delicacies typical of this land.

Local products, simple seasonings and cooking secrets handed down from generation to generation: these are the winning features of the typical cuisine of Rieti, with a flavor able to convey the true values ​​of the place and the people who live here.

We like being together with our loved ones and friends, walking and stopping for a chat: we are like this! But we could never do it without having in front of us something extremely tasty but, at the same time, simple. And here comes our kitchen comes in, a local cuisine rich in flavors and recipes that recalls the warmth of Sundays spent with grandparents. The strong but at the same time mild smell of the truffle, or the warm smell of the tomato sauce still inside the pan … Traditions and old recipes are the basis of a food and wine tradition that has made simplicity and quality its best flagship.

The typical cuisine of Rieti is famous for many dishes, such as Fregnacce alla reatina, a diamond-shaped pasta served with a tasty sauce of softened lard, celery, onion, chopped tomatoes, salt and chilli, or, in the fastest version, with simple meat sauce and a sprinkling of local pecorino. We cannot speak of Rieti cuisine and not mention the Pizzicotti, seasoned with spicy tomato sauce, Stracciatelle in broth, or Spaghetti alla carrettiera.

Talking about meat, the choice is really wide, from game, to beef and lamb. Typical meat preparation is the Sardamirelli, made from pork guts, left to dry, spiced and then grilled. The rivers and lakes also give a first quality fish fauna for mouth-watering preparations. Not to mention the confectionery sector, where the most known are the Terzetti alla Reatina, the copeta (made with walnuts and honey among bay leaves) and the Pizza di Pasqua.

But there another fundamental element we cannot forget … In fact, it is impossible to hide the fact that most of the merits of our cuisine go to the first Sabina area’s excellence, our extra virgin olive oil with D.O.P. certification. Obtained from the Carboncella, Leccino, Raja, Frantoio, Olivastrone, Moraiolo, Olivago, Salviana and Rosciola olive trees varieties, Sabina Dop oil has a golden yellow color with green reflections, aromatic flavor and maximum acidity equal to 0,60%, suitable for all dishes, great to exalt the taste of meat.
Rieti is a world to discover, made of peace, nature, sport, art, culture and flavors of past times.

Typical Products

It is difficult, let’s say impossible, to make a tour of Rieti without tasting the many typical products that this land rich in water offers. Rieti 1 wheat, trout, chestnut, meats, sausages, truffles and wine are just a few of the products that you can enjoy sitting in a local tavern.
Let’s shop for good food in one of the small shops in the town centre or directly from the producers just outside the city and … Enjoy your meal!