Visit Rieti

Born from the collaboration of the Municipality of Rieti, CAT and Confcommercio, Visit Rieti is the place where you can find information and news about our city. A collector of all the treasures the area has to offer, a different way to present all the beauty that, tucked between our mountains, too often finds it hard to get out of them and show itself.

Visit Rieti talks about Rieti and its historic center, made of architectural wonders and a history that spans the centuries to get to what we are today: a jewel protected by medieval walls and a river with its crystal clear waters.

Visit Rieti talks about culture, famous people that once lived here and made the city known over time, our giant, the Terminillo, and the untoched nature that makes us, citizens of the modern world, dream in the same way Saint Francis once did, when choosing our land to find refuge from the vanity of his time.

Visit Rieti is about popular traditions, handed down from generation to generation, and it is also food and traditional cuisine, flavors of the past reinterpreted with a modern twist. Here one can find information about religion and spirituality, exploring all the sanctuaries of the Holy Valley, but also about sport, adventure and fun.

Experiences in the heart of Italy


True jewel of the central Apennines, with a spectacular naturalistic heritage to be enjoyed both in summer and in winter


Many events related to popular traditions intensely experienced by the city of Rieti


A journey to discover traditional flavors and genuine recipes enhanced by typical fine products offered by a generous and fertile land

A journey between history and nature

A city of “niche” to be discovered in its entirety, in the combination of history and nature that characterize it making Rieti exciting in the eyes of every tourist, multifaceted in all its facets and vain of its beauty, with a quality of life on a human scale to enjoy every wealth of this extraordinary territory that offers different emotions in every season, leaving a sign of belonging in the heart of those who visit these fascinating places that have so much to tell.

Old Town

Geographical center of Italy, Rieti is the city of a thousand faces. A little jewel enclosed within the medieval walls and the precious waters of the Velino river, the city is a trove of archaeological, architectural, monumental and historical-artistic treasures to be discovered.
The current layout of the city is the result of the urban stratification that has been structured along the ancient Via Salaria since the Roman age. The medieval, renaissance, baroque and modern city came to life on it, winding through large monumental squares and narrow alleys enriched by sumptuous noble palaces, elegant religious buildings and prestigious cultural sites

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Old Town

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Historical Buildings

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Places of Culture

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Places of Worship


The events 2020 are currently suspended due to governmental provisions and will be rescheduled on a date to be defined
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