Paths in the Holy Valley

The Routes of the Santa Valley

The Sanctuaries dedicated to San Francesco

The Way of San Francesco 

Holy Valley’s vibrant heart, the network of paths that runs through the dense vegetation typical of the area, accompanies the tourist on a journey made of nature and spirituality. Whether it is an excursion designed to be lived in the family or all by yourself, reaching and exploring the sanctuaries that have marked the life and history of Saint Francis in our land, is certainly a different way of approaching and experiencing trekking. A gentle trek, suitable for adults and children, designed for those looking for a deeper and more confidential experience.

The routes, indicated by white and red trail marks and yellow “tau”, begin from Rieti and touch all the sanctuaries dear to Saint Francis: from Fonte Colombo, suggestive presence overlooking the Rieti basin, to Greccio, a powerful architectural complex that seems to rise from the bare rock. Right from here, a little village known as the Franciscan Bethlehem, the journey continues to Poggio Bustone the place where in 1208, Francis and his companions,  were able to enjoy for the first time the magnificent view of our valley. Then La Foresta, sanctuary where he performed the miracle of wine, closes the circle of the Holy Valley, leading the hiker to reach the city center again.

A variant for the more experienced hikers will also lead to high altitude excursions, up to the Votive Temple of Pian Dè Valli, in Terminillo.


Rieti – Santuario di Fonte Colombo – Santuario di Greccio

Santuario di Greccio – Santuario di Poggio Bustone

Santuario Poggio Bustone – Santuario La Foresta

Santuario di Poggio Bustone – Pian De’ Valli – Tempio Votivo

Varianti per il faggio di San Francesco e per la Riserva dei Laghi