Probably the name derives from the typical shape of this variety of tomato that remembers an egg.

This tomato variety has historically been present and documented in the Rieti area since the first decades of the last century and in the 60s it was the subject of genetic improvement in the “Carlo Jucci” Apennine Center of Rieti. After almost half a century of hibernation, in 2010 the Research Institute decided to put the oval tomato back into production, immediately appreciated thanks to its versatility, useful both for the sauce and for direct use. It has so received great attention from a group of local entrepreneurs who was working on the launching of the Amatriciana sauce made only with local products, promoting it as the main ingredient of the recipe. Its presence has grown exponentially within a few years from its rediscovery, meeting a huge success among both farmers and home vegetable garden lovers.

The oval tomato is medium-sized but with a high specific weight due to its firm but not very watery pulp. The skin is thick. The plant will not grow to over 60 cm, is very productive, hardy and resistant. Thanks to an excellent acid / sugar ratio it is suitable for various uses.

The Ovalone tomato can be used both for direct use and industrial processing (tomato sauce) and is currently used as the main ingredient of Amatriciana sauce made with local products (Amatrician bacon, Sabina extra virgin olive oil, pecorino Amatriciano cheese and Castelfranco wine for the sauce).