Football Club Rieti

FC Rieti is the only professional sport club in the city, a reality that for 82 years, since the founding of the team in 1936, has never stopped to involve and fascinate all the fans close to this club. Despite having had difficult moments, the football club has never put itself down, remaining together in these eighty years of intense emotions.

A club that after 12 years of lower categories has appeared for the first time in the so long-awaited “Serie C”, thanks to the efforts and the commitment of all those who have never stopped believing in this project and to the triumphant ride of last year that allow the team to won the “Serie D” championship. Finally, the “Manlio Scopigno” Stadium, the fourth largest structure in Lazio for capacity, can host the category it deserves, ready to shine in its social colors, amaranth and blue.

A solid and healthful company, a big family that starts from the youth sector with 150 boys, trained by coaches of the area, getting ready to pursue the dream of playing in the first team, the one that looks to the future without fear. The presence in the professional “Serie C” league, is the perfect representation of how deal with pitfalls and conquer the first place two days from the end of the championship.

When a dream becomes reality, to touch the sky is even easier.

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