Terminillo is one of the most picturesque and fascinating places in the Central Apennines. Known in ancient times as Monte Gurgure or Mons Tetricus, with its 2217.13 m of altitude Terminillo is a renowned ski resort, frequented above all by the inhabitants of the capitals, so much to be known as the mountain of Rome.

Three huts, hundreds of itineraries, ski slopes, a cable car to reach the mountain top, a riding school, a sports field and, again, stunning woodland walks, snowshoeing, climbing, skiing and snowboarding make Terminillo, together with Terminilluccio and Terminilletto, a natural spectacle for the visitor at any time of the year.

Just 20 km from the center of Rieti, the hairpin bends surrounded by the untouched nature will accompany you to the first stop, the one that nobody who lives in Rieti can live without, especially in summer: Pian Dè Rosce. Here, from June until the end of summer, finding the right place for sunbathing is our favorite sport!

But the best is yet to come. Just take the car for a few minutes more and let your eyes be charmed by the beautiful 1950s-style town of Pian Dè Valli. Set off on an unforgettable adventure amongst colorful houses, snow-covered streets in winter and scent of flowers in summer. Visit the Church, where a relic of St. Francis is kept, have a coffee, breathe the sweet mountain air and then …

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