Located just outside the city of Rieti, where the chapel of San Fabiano once stood, here the Saint found hospitality in an adjacent house while waiting for surgery.
According to tradition, San Fabiano witnessed two important events linked to the presence of Saint Francis in this place: the miracle of grapes and the composition of the Canticle of the Creatures. Two exceptional events, the second above all, that turned this lonely monastery in one of the most sacred places of Franciscanism.

The sanctuary, as it was at the time of Saint Francis, consisting in a church, a rectory and a domus house, remained such until the early years of the fourteenth century, when the Romiti friars began the transformation by demolishing the interior walls of the rectory and erecting a second larger church, that of Saint Fabian. Changes continued to take place also when the monastery passed on to the hands of Clareni order, who built a small convent with a cloister.

It was in the seventeenth century that the total tampering of the domus house took place, as well as that of the primitive church, to create one of greater dimensions. The traces of Saint Francis passage in this place would have been completely forgotten if the church of Saint Fabian had not been brought to light in 1947.

Arriving at the sanctuary, along the walls, you will find the stations of the Via Crucis of the Neapolitan school of the 18th century, coming from the Convent of s. Bonaventura in Frascati. In front of the sanctuary, a modern majolica called Madonna of the Grape, recalls the miracle of the multiplication of grapes.

To be visited are the church, the cloister, the Domus of the Sanctuary and the marble monument made by the Professor Ferri.

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