Lungo and Ripasottile Lakes are two of the main jewels that the surrounding nature of Rieti offers to its spectators.
The Ripasottile Lake, the largest of the two basins, has an area of ​​about 80 hectares and a maximum depth of 6 meters. The presence of numerous underwater springs contributes to the replacement of its waters, maintaining a constantly humid environment.
The Lungo Lake extends for about 60 hectares and has a characteristic bottleneck in the midline that divides it into two basins. The lesser of these two takes the name of Fogliano Lake.

Protected by the institution of a Natural Regional Reserve, the two lakes are part of a protected area that guarantees the survival of many species of birds, fishes, plants and vegetation in general. Walking through the reeds that surround them is a unique experience for those in search of a true contact with nature. Immersed in the woods, among samples of white willow and “Nupharetum”, it is possible to admire a rich variety of birds including the gray heron, the bitterns, very rare diving ducks and ferruginous duck.

Let’s just put that out there: here birdwatching has taken on a whole new dimension!

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