Born from the fusion of waterskiing and snowboarding, wakeboarding is a sport loved by all those who like to be always active! Combining speed, acrobatics, strength, agility and creativity, wakeboard offers great emotions. Just like those that every year go on stage at the Salto Lake, which has long been the setting for national and European championships.

Latium’s largest artificial lake, the Salto Lake is one of the wonders of the province of Rieti. Created in 1940 by the damming of the Salto river with the building of the Salto dam and the submersion of the homonymous valley, it hosts a very rich fish fauna. Carp, tench, trout, eel, perch and pike. But in summer there is another species of lovers of these areas that populates the shores and enjoys these waters: wakeboard enthusiasts!

A board and then a rope attached to a motorboat: this is what you need to let yourself go and start riding the waves at a speed that can reach up to 40 km / h.

It has been some years now since Salto Lake made its entrance in the wakeboarding world. A perfect organization surrounded by the enthusiasm of the teams and the federations for the welcome received, but above all a unique showcase for our beautiful territory, a moment of growth that is looking forward hosting a World Championship.

If you are also a wakeboard enthusiast, don’t miss your chance to live a great experience!

wakeboard rieti