Considered the geographical centre of Italy,  ours is an invitation to take a suggestive walk that crosses part of the historical and anthropological memory of Rieti.

Starting from the remains of the Roman bridge, we remember the birth of the Ancient Reate: from the floods of the early 1900s, when houses and churches were flooded due to the flooding of the waters of the Velino river, up to the trades of the past (ropes maker, mender, embroiderer etc.). From the artists, of which the painter Antonino Calcagnadoro is the greatest representative, to the musicians of international fame such as Mattia Battistini, up to the poets who have brought up the name of our city, like Loreto Mattei.

The urban trekking route is an evocative ring route that leads to the discovery of a people-friendly city, in which a luxuriant and uncontaminated nature and buildings that recall our past of papal seat, coexist. A journey of 3 hours for 5 km in length will take you from the Roman bridge to the Church of San Nicola, passing through Via del Porto, a name that recall our past as a river city, and Via dei Cordari. It continues through the Arch of Bonifacio VIII and reaches Palazzo Vincentini and its beautiful gardens, then arrives in front of Flavio Vespasiano Theater, which stands imposingly on Via Garibaldi. Descending Via San Francesco we will reach Largo San Giorgio and then conclude this circular route, once again, with the magnificent view of the Velino River.