Whether you call it trekking or hiking, for those who love walking on steep mountain paths and ancient paved roads, Rieti and its province offer tourists a land of variety and beauty, accessible at any time of the year.

Listen to the sound of nature, made of swishing leaves and sweet twittering of birds, take part in the spectacle of blooming, walk along paths that lead to hermitages, monasteries, sanctuaries or sacred caves: from the hills to the highest peaks, don’t ask yourself why you love hiking, especially when, rucksack on your shoulder, you find yourself in front of a climb that seems to be never ending. Because once you reach your “goal”, the satisfaction will be so great that any negative past thoughts would be erased.



If you are a hiking-lover you certainly cannot miss Terminillo and the several fascinating hikes it offers. The best path towards the summit starts from Rifugio Sebastiani, skirts the North-East face and crosses the scree slopes of Valle della Meta. The path reaches the ridge at Sella di Vall’Organo and runs along Cresta Sassetelli until the magnificent viewpoint of the Terminillo peak.

Even Amatrice area offers a path for those who want to “challenge” the mountain. Beautiful and long, the path leads to Monte Gorzano, the highest peak in Lazio. Once you reach the top, the viewpoint on Monti della Laga and Gran Sasso will leave speechless even hard-hearted people

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