Once a niche activity, today climbing is a sport that gathers an increasing number of enthusiasts, with an unexpected record for women. When safely practiced, this is a sport that is good for the body, the mind and also the couple’s relationship.

Climbing is a physically demanding sport that does not imply being strong: climbing will actually develop strength because this practice puts all our muscles into play. Climbing gives a feeling of satisfaction and happiness and it is almost more effective than a total body workout in the gym. Between limestone rocks and verdant nature, climbing in Rieti and its province leaves everybody breathless. In fact, there are numerous cliffs dotted with climbing routes that extend from Sabina to the Turano valley, passing through the Salto valley and up to Terminillo.

Climbing in Rieti is definitely another way of experiencing the mountains, an additional opportunity to discover the most beautiful villages of the province. And you can do it in many sites, to be discovered in all seasons, with different degrees of difficulty. In fact, the territory hides cliffs that are real jewels of mainly limestone rock where you can measure yourself in climbing overhanging crags with inclinations for all tastes, from beginners to experts.


Find out where to climb in Rieti!

Grotti, a crag between Rieti and the Salto Valley, perfect for those looking for a demanding experience on very compact rock, with tiny holes and dents. The routes’ equipment is excellent, but it is not recommended during the summer season due to its southern exposure.

Configni, on the border between Lazio and Umbria, this crag offers enthusiasts a pleasant climbing experience surrounded by holm-oak woods. Suitable for courses and families with children, it is ideal in spring and autumn.

Terminillo – Iaccio Crudele, crag located between the Sebastiani mountain hut and Monte I Porcini, at an altitude of 1750 m. Not far from the crag of Buco del Merlo, the rock is an excellent limestone, surrounded by the magnificent views of the Capo Scura valley and M. Elefante.

Other crags in Rieti:

Antrodoco – Crag of Parco degli Ulivi

Lisciano – Crag L’Arzu de Jarone 

Morro Reatino – Crag Coste Lignano

Poggio Catino – Crag of Poggio Catino and Crag of the Hermitage of St. Michele

Roccantica – Crag of Roccantica and crag of the hermitage of St. Leonardo 

Valle del Turano – Crag La Fortezza 

Varco Sabino – Crag Pié La Vena

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