Ski Mountaineering

Cross-country skiing but not only. The mountains that surround the Rieti valley include passes and peaks that can be reached through ski mountaineering tours. A very ancient sport that has a passion for the mountains as its philosophy, ski-mountaineering focuses on immersion in nature, reaching the most pristine peaks through the use of sealskins, glued to the skis, which allow to climb without sliding back. Hiking with snowshoes can be tackled also without experience, but ski-mountaineering must be learned the right way. It requires equipment, like lighter boots and skis and bindings that allows to have free heels during ascent, with additional crampons and ice-ax when the snow leaves the place to ice.

Terminillo certainly offers great emotions to those who love ski mountaineering. Here Valle degli Angeli, that descends north between Terminillo and Terminilletto, offers a spectacular ski run that leads, downhill, to the shepherds’ hut of La Fossa and, uphill, to Pian Dè Valli and the ski resorts. Beech forests and steep valleys are the panorama dedicated to those who choose to the northern side of Terminillo, facing the medieval town of Leonessa. A long route takes place instead in the area of Monti della Duchessa Natural Reserve, from the Amara Valley to Monte Morrone. Then a classic route, the one that reaches Lazio’s highest peak. We are talking about the path that from Capricchia, passing through the beech forest of Selva Grande, climbs up to the ruins of Stazzo di Gorzano, a natural terrace overlooking Amatrice.