The Scopigno Cup is an international football tournament that is held in Rieti under the high patronage of the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT and the PRESIDENCY OF THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS. Over the years, the Scopigno Cup has become one of the most prestigious in Italy and Europe, accompanied by the awarding of the prestigious Manlio Scopigno Prize to the best soccer coaches of the Serie A, Serie B and youth sector, to the President of the Year, to the Manager of the year, to the head of the youth sector, to the coach of the youth sector.

The tournament and the award born in memory of Manlio Scopigno, a football lover who trained in Rieti as a man and as a sportsman, playing in the city soccer club. Over the years, his style, elegance and grace make him known outside the city borders, ending up on the notebook of well-known teams at the time, such as Salernitana. From here the road is full of news for Manlio, who will play for Bologna, Cagliari and Rome soccer team. But in all these years of success Rieti is always his place of the heart, a safe point of reference, a refuge during all that travels that sports life imposes on him. An unconditional love for a city which, after his death, on September 25, 1995, decides to dedicate him a stadium, the Stadio Centro d’Italia “Manlio Scopigno”, a tournament, the Manlio Scopigno Cup, and a prize, the Manlio Scopigno Award.