Santa Barbara

Every year, to commemorate the anniversary of the beheading by the father Dioscoro, which took place on December 4, 290, Rieti celebrates Saint Barbara, patron saint of the city.
During these days, one of the events that should not be missed is the evocative procession on the Velino River. The tradition wants the firefighter to carry in procession the statue of the Saint protector from lightning and from violent and sudden deaths, making it flow gently on the waters.
The rich program of events, renewed from year to year, is a symbol of the profound veneration that binds the city of Rieti to the Saint Patron.

The fair
Numerous initiatives take place during the days dedicated to the patron Saint, such as the Saint Barbara Fair which, from December 3rd, gathers the citizens and where both adults and children can satisfy all their needs. From typical and local to other Italian gastronomic specialties, passing through home, kitchen and garden equipment, until animals, jewelry, clothing, shoes and so!
A unique occasion for shopping, above all in view of the Christmas holidays.

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