Rieti Cuore Piccante

The “Rieti Cuore Piccante” Global trade fair is one of the most anticipated gastronomic events of the year, a point of reference not only for food lovers but also for the curious.
The streets of the historical town centre are animated by colorful stands filled with chilli products, folk performances and thematic conferences. At the Cloister of Sant’Agostino it is possible to admire the exhibition of chillies from the five continents, from the most famous to the rarest and most exotic ones, among which the “Sabino” stands out, a local chilli pepper designed specifically to satisfy the Italian request. The Sabino is a type of chilli born from the crossing of the pollen of an Italian and a Brazilian pepper, a new ecotype that was born in the “Carlo Jucci” Apennine Center of Terminillo. This type of chilli pepper is very fragrant and tasty, resistant to cold, with a thin skin and thick flesh with particularly appreciated spiciness.
Rieti Cuore Piccante is flavor, culture, fun and a lot more ..

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