The Reate Festival, whose first edition was held in 2009, is a cultural event that celebrates Italy and belcanto.

Organized by the Flavio Vespasiano Foundation, an institution that pursues the dissemination, promotion and development of the art in all its forms, the Reate Festival has marked, over the years, particularly high-level moments, so much so that merits were acknowledged even by the international press. And this confirms those that were the initial premises, to give value to this specific heritage that Italy has given to the world.

The Reate Festival is held every year in Rieti at the Flavio Vespasiano Theater, a fine example of Italian theater, with ideal architectural proportions and perfect acoustics. An acoustics that received official recognition in 2002 when Uto Ughi awarded the First Edition of the National Acoustic Award to our theater.

The event that focuses on Italian Belcanto intends to promote the knowledge of this cultural asset, one of the most precious in our country, which, precisely for this reason, deserves to be protected and safeguarded. The Reate Festival aims to achieve this goal not only with the realization of great masterpieces of the genre, but also through the study of this vocal and musical style, one of the golden moments of the culture of our country. It is thanks to Belcanto that the Italian language has become the international language of opera, spoken in theaters around the world by singers, composers, librettists, entrepreneurs, set designers, costume designers.

The purpose of the event is therefore to bring this great Italian heritage to the knowledge of all, attracting also the interest of the youngest, for which so many were the occasions of approach studied.
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