Flying has always been every man’s dream. Flying gives a magnificent sensation of escape and estrangement from the world around us, from everything that saddens and stresses us. Flying is something like being a child again, thinking that the dream of being free in the sky can really become reality.

Flight represents the seduction of the impossible, the need to go further, the possibility to succeed in everything that is put in front of us as impossible. But nothing is impossible when we decide to turn our lives around and gift ourselves with a magnificent powered flight experience!

Explore the Holy Valley from a totally different perspective. Give yourself an all-around experience and enjoy a view on those panoramas that many have made fall in love with. That’s why we like to recall what Edward Lear wrote:

“Rieti, the ancient Reate, a Sabine city of great antiquity […], is located on the Velino, at the end of a vast and fertile plain, the beauty of which cannot be appreciated by a hasty visitor. […] I believe that very rarely I have observed a more beautiful panorama than that the towers of Rieti and its peaceful outline of vineyards offer, as on my last evening of stay.

Thanks to Rieti Aeroclub, one of the best known in Italy also for gliding, you can make striking test flights on the Holy Valley, with view of Terminillo.