Freedom, beauty and fun: this is mountaineering! And with the right equipment, safety devices and, above all, the head screwed on straight, those who want to explore while having fun will discover with passion what Rieti and its mountains have to offer.

Mountaineering is an exciting sport that collects, year after year, more and more lovers who practice it both for pure fun and for the physical and psychological benefits that it gives to our body. Practicing mountaineering develops physical strength, improves coordination and increases endurance, but at the same time puts us in front of fear and risk, allowing us to look at the complete picture of things. A sport that requires strong contact with the mountains, our mountains, Terminillo and Monti della Laga.

Itineraries of all difficulties populate the mountain overlooking Rieti, Terminillo, where climbers love to stay especially during the winter season. Here you will find modern routes on ice and mixed ground, with a level of difficulty that reaches grade VI, and other interesting winter routes, on the north face of Mount Elefante and on Scoglio dei Sassetelli.


For those who love pure ice, the valleys of Monti della Laga offer elegant and difficult frozen waterfalls, explored since the 1980s by climbers from Lazio, Abruzzo and Marche. Cascata Grande di Gorzano, Cascata delle Barche, Fosso di Valle Conca and Cascata della Corva: when the cold gets intense the adrenaline goes up!

And mountaineering is made of adrenaline, which at the same time can help us realize how fragile and precious our life is, giving us a strong degree of satisfaction and pushing us to overcome with greater determination all the challenges that life poses on our streets.


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