Take part in an unforgettable experience and start paddling surrounded by nature! Kayaking is a simple activity to do, even for those who approach it for the first time. Paddling in the fresh and pure waters of the Velino is a pleasant interplay with a day spent walking through the narrow streets of the medieval city, discovering the natural treasures that our city offers.

Kayaking is in fact the perfect answer to those looking for a total immersion in nature, a completely eco-sustainable sport that allow to discover the most unknown sides of the city. Spending a few hours between the chirping of birds and the gentle sound of water regenerates body and mind.


The Velino is certainly the ideal place to get a first taste of kayaking and to have a first try at rough waters. With the help of an instructor and the right equipment, the easy stretch begins about 4 kilometers upriver from Rieti, ending in the city centre. From the boarding place, on the river Peschiera, not far from its confluence in the Velino, some rapids will allow you to play in the waves and test various paddling techniques, until you disembark near the Roman bridge.