Golf has been at home in Lazio for over a century and Rieti certainly does not like to be left behind. A growth, that of this sport, which today affects not only the public of enthusiasts, but which also sees an increase in the number of instructors, courses and related events.

If you are looking for a day playing golf, totally in contact with nature, surrounded by the panoramas offered by the Sabini Mountains, Terminillo and the valleys that gift our land with a vivid green color, every golf enthusiast in Rieti cannnot but stay with bated breath. Side and front water obstacles, tricky holes and thrilling shots: playing golf in the Rieti, waiting for the Rider Cup 2022, will be an unforgettable experience.


More and more boys and girls are approaching golf, a sport made of precision and professionalism, attention and ability to always get involved. And the will of the Centro d’Italia Golf Club, born in 1997, is precisely to be home for all fans of the city, but also and above all for those who are in Rieti on vacation and do not want to miss the opportunity for an outdoor experience.

3 kilometers from the city center, located at the foot of the Terminillo and next to the Sanctuary of La Foresta, the Centro d’Italia Golf Club offers a course traced by Franco Orsini and Marcello Perotti that crosses a 30 acres estate, between oak and chestnuts. The property also offers a restaurant and a swimming pool.



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