Lazio has a long tradition of diving, in fact there are many diving centers and schools in the area. But if in most cases you think that diving can only be practiced at sea, once in Rieti you will discover that diving in the lake is one of the most beautiful experiences you can live in your life.

Discover a hidden world full of surprises far from the coast: the Salto, Turano and Paterno lakes are ready to welcome you, but only with the right equipment!

Clear and deep waters, to discover the fascinating wrecks of submerged villages. The Salto Lake, an artificial basin formed after the building of a 90 meters high dam, hides in its depths the remains of the ancient villages submerged in 1940, as well as a rich fish fauna that includes some varieties of freshwater crayfish and various species of local fish.

On the other hand, Paterno Lake has a smaller extension but it’s very deep. A karstic basin, it is located in San Vittorino plain and reaches a depth of 54 meters. Its clear waters allow amazing and pretty technical dives.