Nordic Skiing

Narrow and light skis, boots that don’t make us wish the time to take them off arrives, no helmet and no waiting at the ski lift: cross-country skiing is much more beautiful and cooler than you think.

With an image mainly associated with Scandinavia, its country of origin, and very often defined as a boring sport that consists merely in going around in circles, in reality cross-country skiing can give the right emotions to those who are able to perceive them. Hearing only the sound of your own breath and that of the skis that slide on the snow, sometimes completely surrounded by green woods, without the weight of bulky equipment but with the possibility given to our body to train in the midst of breathtaking views: this is what you’re going to experience in Terminillo and Vallonina.


Pleasant cross-country tracks are prepared on Terminillo in the suggestive plateau of Cinque Confini: 3.7 kilometers of track, the most popular of the mountains, which can be combined with the ring of Tre Faggi. The more difficult slopes are the Acerone loop and the Fonte Porcini track. Also, very popular in cross-country ski world are the Fontenova the Vallonina loops, located on the road that goes from Leonessa to Terminillo.