Descending canyons and gorges along the water route, crossing wild places of great beauty. Canyoning consists in the descent of the streams that flow into the rocky canals, without the aid of boats such as canoes or kayaks. Canyoners move on their own foot, and they rappel the rock jumps using ropes, tools and techniques derived from caving and mountaineering, descending the vertical sections of the canals or crossing particularly exposed points, where the risk of falling would otherwise be too high. A sport for those who love adventure without limits and that has easy-to-access sites and simple logistics in the areas of Rieti and its province, as opposed to others that instead require more technique and preparation.

Live strong emotions in contact with nature: Rieti is history, culture, architecture and landscape, but also fun for all!

Discover Fosso dei Cavalli, considered the most beautiful and challenging canyon in Lazio. Located in Sigillo, on Mount Terminillo, Fosso Dei Cavalli is a very technical canyon, with a big cascade of 95 meters, so the progression requires extreme experience and preparation.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a less challenging route, to be shared even with less experienced friends, Fosso di Riancoli, near Collalto Sabino, looks like a rather difficult gorge, with a pretty simple progression and characterized by large pools and nice and relaxing waterfalls.

Good command of the techniques and a spectacular progression thanks to the presence of multiple waterfalls: Fosso di Ortanza is the canyon located in the wonderful Monti della Laga, Amatrice.