Anyone can do it and it is an excellent opportunity for outdoor training: canoeing is a sport for everyone, why don’t you try it too? Rieti, a city of unspoiled nature and crystal clear waters, among the purest and clearest in Italy, is also a destination for those who ask for something more from nature. A deep relationship, to be lived at full speed, just like it is possible by practicing a sport like canoeing.


Because canoeing is training, defying the strong currents of the Velino River, and for this reason it is a social sport. The canoeist community is special, try it to believe it! Wherever you go, you will surely find new friends. Because unlike other sports, canoeing involves a lot of social interaction. Whether you are in the midst of the rapids or paddling quietly at the end of the journey, laughing and joking with friends or people you met just before will be really easy. Canoeing is a pleasant distraction from everyday life, giving anyone a feeling of total freedom and escape from the thoughts and hectic life of big cities. Once in the water you can unplug, refresh your ideas and go where the current takes you! Fantastic landscapes await you along the banks of the Velino River and you can attend lessons throughout the year.


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