Binoculars around the neck and notebook in hand, don’t hide yourself birdwatching lover! Observing free birds in nature is an extraordinary passion and a possibility of infinite discovery because there are infinite species of birds to be observed, as well as a lot of different habitats to practice birdwatching.

Birdwatching can conquer and charm anyone, adults and children, and Italy certainly offers extraordinary biodiversity to lovers of this activity, so quiet and totally respectful of nature. Rieti and its province, in particular, thanks to the variety of altitudes and environments, are ideal places for birdwatching, hosting a large number of birds especially in the winter months and during migratory passes.

At the foot of imposing Monte Terminillo, a few kilometers from Rieti, Lungo and Ripasottile lakes Natural Reserve is the first stop for birdwatchers in the city. Fed by the massif’s sources and from the Velino river, they are equipped with huts and paths that can be visited all year. The shores are populated by various species of willows and poplars, the waters by various species of fish, the sky by interesting species such as gray herons, great white herons, cranes and harriers.

The Regional Natural Reserve Monti della Duchessa, silent keeper of Duchessa Lake, also attracts birdwatchers thanks to guests such as griffon vultures, whose wingspan can reach 3 meters, royal eagles and ravens.


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