Are you ready for a wonderful Robin Hood-style experience? No, we are not asking you to travel through time up to the late XVI century, but to join us on a special archery day.

Accuracy and concentration: these are the main characteristics required in this sport, together with the methodology in gestures and a thorough knowledge of one’s body. And as one of the oldest sports in the world, archery still makes young and old dream, not only in its role as a game, therefore, but also in that of full-fledged sport that saw its first club born in 1956.

Ideal to be practiced with the whole family, it represents a good moment of conviviality and sharing, encouraging healthy competition between. So, let this match started!

Even in Rieti, in fact, archery lovers can pursue their passion thanks to Compagnia Arcieri di Valle Oracola. Founded in 1990, the members here practice this sport with all types of arches, from the Olympic to the Compound, passing through the Longbow. Whether it’s relaxing in the open air or preparing athletes for official competitions, archery in Rieti is an experience that you absolutely cannot miss.