The warm spring days light up in all of us the desire to a closer contact with nature, there’s no point in hiding from the call of the mountains. And you never imagine how Terminillo is able to satisfy your needs! Fill in your water bottles and, backpack on your shoulder, get ready for discovering fascinating paths and taking part in interesting excursions in the Sabine territory, places that will able to capture your attention but, above all, your heart. You cannot but stop and think “I can’t do without it anymore!”

Terminillo offers itineraries and routes open to all levels of excursionists. You can start with one-day itineraries, those suitable for a week-end holiday, until the longer multi-day treks, those suitable for travelers, those who have the spirit of the explorer, just like the path that leads up to the mountain peak.

Climbing to the summit means opening one’s sight to something that is still unbelievable for those who’ve never had this opportunity yet. Here you’ll find yourself in front of an untouched and unspoilt natural landscape. What awaits you is a true mountain trail, a rewarding excursion, which from the Sebastiani Hut will take you up to the crest of the mountain, at over two thousand meters. Here you can admire the highest peaks of Lazio and Abruzzo and gifting your eyes with a beautiful view of Rieti with the surrounding plain.

Welcome to the Latium Dolomites!

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