Located in Porta d’Arci area, close to Via dei Pozzi, the Church of St. Eusanio presents a valuable painting of the Madonna delle Stelle on the high altar.
The left altar is dedicated to St. Eusanio, the one on the right to St. Antonio. Among the fifteenth-century frescoes the first iconographic document of the city of Rieti stands out.

Known since the 9th century and included in the papal bull of 1182, the church of St. Eusanio was parochial seat until the 20th century. In the 15th century it was one of the stops of the Bianchi Battuti pilgrimage itinerary, as shown by the frescoes on the cornu Epistulæ wall depicting the miraculous apparition of the Madonna and the miracle of the bread in which some local historians want to recognize the first iconographic document of the city of Rieti.