Al suono delle trombe is a monumental work by the artist Gionata Gesi, aka Ozmo, forerunner of Italian street art and one of the most internationally appreciated artists. This is the first urban art work carried out on the walls of a Palace of Justice.

On the one hand, the artist drew inspiration from The Last Judgment, a fresco by the Torresani brothers preserved in Rieti in the Oratory of San Pietro Martire, in which the Saints are committed to saving the souls in danger. On the other one, Ozmo has captured the brutality of a kidnapping, the strength of young people as opposed to the capitulation of a senile body, full of the evils and afflictions of life that is deeply visible in the Rape of the Sabine Women by Giambologna. Al suono delle trombe reminds the viewer that there will be an ascent and a conviction.

The initiative, conceived by the Creative Agency “The Uncommon Factory” and carried out in line with the project “Trame – Tracce di memoria”, was supported by the Lazio Region, sponsored by the Municipality of Rieti and co-financed by the FESR.