Originally known as “Porta Spoletina”, Porta Cintia was located where the INPS headquarter building stands today, at the intersection of the current Via Cintia, Via dei Pini and Via dei Sanizi.

Like the others city walls sections, it underwent various restorations, in 1379, 1382, 1460 and 1495. However, this wooden door was destroyed in 1521, after a fire, and a new one was built in its place. The door was completely redesigned in stone in 1866 by the Rieti engineer Eugenio Duprè. The new design consisted in two crenellated towers, with small windows on their sides; an iron gate, designed by the Gregorio Catini foundry in 1870, stood between them. However, the door was destroyed by the retreating Germans in 1944 and never rebuilt again.

The area still retains the name of the ancient door even if two gray rationalist-style buildings took its place. In 2009, during the renovation works of the square in front of the area, the iron gate was there relocated.