A unique monument in the world is kept in the Church of San Domenico, in Piazza Beata Colomba.
Deliberately set up and built according to a monumental sound project by Dom Bedos de Celles, the organ was historically known as “Grand (Orgue) 16 ‘, ou 32’, Français en Montre”, for which a splendid case was also designed by the sculptor André-Jacques Roubo. The organ was never realized but was immortalized in the treatise “L’Art du facteur d’Orgue”, a document with a high degree of clarity and of editorial quality with which Dom Bedos described and theorized the Organ Art of his time and his Nation.

The idea, apparently impossible to realize, became a reality in Rieti, inside the Church of San Domenico. Defined by the same manufacturer “The apotheosis of the classic French organ”, the Dom Bedos – Roubo Organ by Barthelemy Formentelli was created thanks to public and private funding. A masterpiece that has never been realized before or rather, the union of two treaties: the organ based on the Art du Facteur d’Orgue and the monumental case based on the Art du Menuissier-Carrossier by Mr. Roubo le Fils. For the case, Formentelli entrusted the design of Roubo le Fils for Buffet du Grand’Orgue to the sculptor Sergio Bellani of Bovolone (Verona), creating an absolutely unique work of art.

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