Was built in the early 18th century by Michele Chiesa, architect from Como, and visible in the first section of Via degli Abruzzi (Via Garibaldi). In 1814 Giuseppe Subleyras redesigned the façade.

During the 3rd decade of the 19th century, the neoclassical painter Pietro Paoletti decorated the rooms of the noble floor with a series of frescoes, later destroyed by the violent earthquake of June 1898.

In 1876, Count Giacinto Vincenti Mareri bought the building, using it for the management offices and agencies of the Cassa di Risparmio, established as an anonymous company in the early 1940s and ratified by the Pope on 11
February 1846. Harmonious in its solid volumetric characteristics, visible in the alternation of the ashlars that mark the three floors and delimit the portal dominated by the balustrade loggia, the building is currently home to the offices of Banca Intesa.

Between 1969 and 1972, Rieti painter Arduino Angelucci decorated the ceiling of the Meeting hall, representing the allegorical themes of the well-being coming from work and savings.