Since 290 BC, the fate of the Sabine town of Reate is linked to the destiny of Rome: the fortification of the arx is then undertaken and the urban stretch of the Salaria consolidated by the building of the bridge over the Velino and of the viaduct that fills the difference in height between the forum and the river itself.

The solid travertine bridge, with its three round arches, was originally 28.50m long, with an inner width of 5.15m and an external one of 6.05m, including the side parapets, and was in line with the opus quadratum viaduct, with two walls of large stone ashlars interspersed with large round arches, opened to allow transit and to ensure the flow of water during the frequent floods.

It was partially demolished between 1932 and 1936, in view of the hydrogeological reorganization of the Sabine territory undertaken with the construction of the Salto and Turano dams.