The thirteen-century Palazzo Papale (Papal Palace), is a historic building standing next to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta (Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption).
The reconstruction of the Papal Palace by the architect Andrea magister started in 1283 and was completed in just 5 years. In the 13th century the city of Rieti was often papal seat, indeed here resided the popes Innocenzo III, Onorio III, Gregorio IX, Niccolò IV and Bonifacio VII.

A huge vaulted vestibule gives access to the building, above it the Audience Hall with a loggia, the Loggia of the Blessings, where once one could enter passing through an imposing hall.
The Papal Palace is a monolithic building with an imposing but sober appearance; made of stone, it is the most important example of Gothic architecture in the city and among the best preserved in Lazio.