The Civic Museum of Rieti is the first public museum in Lazio Region.

Initially structured as Quadreria Civica, hosted in the Basilica of St. Agostino after post-Unitarian suppression, it is divided into 2 sections: the Historical Artistic Section (Town Hall – Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II Square) and the Archaeological one (Via St. Agnese).

The Historical Artistic Section, hosted in the 2nd floor of the Town Hall and divided into 11 rooms, takes care of works of art of great interest, as the polyptych by Luca di Tommé, once hosted in the Basilica of St. Domenico, a Vesperbild and a fresco by Liberato di Benedetto di Cola di Rainaldo, the triptych by Zanino di Pietro, coming from Fonte Colombo, the Madonna by Antoniazzo
Romano, private collection donated by Francesco Palmegiani and Angelo Sacchetti Sassetti, and the precious collection of paintings by Antonino Calcagnadoro.



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